Genuary 2022

Genuary 2022 was organized by Piter Pasma and others in the generative art community. There was one prompt every day for the month of January 2022.

January 1, 2022 Draw 10,000 of something. genuary Let a thousand flowers bloom. 10,000 circles.

January 2, 2022 Dithering. genuary My sketchbook --> GAN --> re-rendered and re-colored --> down to 2 bits per pixel.

January 3, 2022 Space. genuary

January 4, 2022 The next next Fidenza. genuary I went with a mix of two classical pieces in generative art to cover the two 'nexts', and then made it wide instead of tall for good measure :)

January 5, 2022 Destroy a square. genuary

January 6, 2022 Trade styles with a friend. genuary In Gauri Anantha's style -- not from her generative art, but from this painting.

January 7, 2022 Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing. genuary One of my early explorations in 2018 was re-creating this Sol LeWitt :) Here they are in many colors, and even in multiple colors (I probably wouldn't use some of these palettes now...)

January 8, 2022 Single curve only. genuary Single curve only. Or four of them :) This is another exploration from a while ago. I still like it quite a bit! I even had these (suns? flowers?) dance in sync with music at one point :)

January 9, 2022 Architecture. genuary

January 10, 2022 Machine learning, wrong answers only. genuary Took it a bit literally and used it as a prompt for a text to image generation model :) Some style transfer and super-resolution gymnastics later...

January 11, 2022 No computer. genuary I was in India and had my whole family participate in this one! We made (step 1 of) 3x3 Cushions, flipping a coin as the source of randomness :)

January 12, 2022 Packing (squares, circles, any shape…) genuary Another throwback to 2018 :)

January 13, 2022 800x80. genuary

January 14, 2022 Something you’d never make. genuary

January 15, 2022 Sand. genuary

January 16, 2022 Color gradients gone wrong. genuary Our perception of gradients is going wrong. Both circles are the exact same color/shade!

January 17, 2022 3 colors. genuary The primary ones!

January 18, 2022 VHS. genuary

January 19, 2022 Use text/typography. genuary Trained a GAN on the Gujarati alphabet. Found a generation that could actually be a character! The second image is how I would write it if it were :) How would one pronounce it?

January 20, 2022 Make a sea of shapes. genuary

January 21, 2022 Combine two (or more) of your pieces from previous days to make a new piece. genuary Combining 'Space', 'Architecture', and 'VHS'.

January 22, 2022 Make something that will look completely different in a year. genuary Left: A piece using a hash derived from "2022". Right: A piece from the same system using a hash derived from "in a year" and "2023".

January 23, 2022 Abstract vegetation. genuary Computer vision colleagues: Scale-invariant blob detection anyone? :)

January 24, 2022 Create your own pseudo-random number generator and visually check the results. genuary 128-bit LFSR (linear-feedback shift register) PRNG (pseudo random number generator) in MATLAB! Shown in red. Black is MATLAB's random number generator. Generated 1000 random integers between 0 and 15 a hundred times. Plotted their histogram (left), and histogram of differences between consecutive generations (right). The red dots being within the range of the grey ones means it is not bad :) The red dots having no variance means there is, indeed, no other source of randomness :)

January 25, 2022 Perspective. genuary Take some detours. Gain more perspectives.

January 26, 2022 Airport carpet. genuary Using a palette from the Portland International Airport carpet

January 27, 2022 #2E294E #541388 #F1E9DA #FFD400 #D90368 genuary

January 28, 2022 Self portrait. genuary

January 29, 2022 Isometric perspective. genuary Inspired by how Abhishek Das draws cuboids in 2D in his fxhash Towers. Some of these remind me of chess pieces :)

January 30, 2022 Organic looking output using only rectangular shapes. genuary

January 31, 2022 Negative space. genuary Ending #genuary2022 with another throwback to 2018.

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